Facility Maintenance Cleaning Starter Kit JI632 | RMP Maintenance

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Facility Maintenance Cleaning Starter Kit

Model: JI632


  • Janitorial cart has ample storage capacity for all cleaning equipment
  • Janitorial cart has swivel casters in front and 8" rear wheels that allow for easy use
  • Mop bucket and wringer setup reduces splashing for a safer and cleaner work environment
  • Bilingual safety wet floor sign is 24" H x 12" W, free-standing, bright yellow for visibility and made of durable polypropylene
  • Dust pan has wheels for easy maneuverability and connects to broom for convenient storage
  • Trigger spray bottles are reusable and convenient for filling with optional RMP cleaning solution products
  • Chemical-resistant nitrile gloves are ideal for use with strong cleaning products
  • Powder-free, 100% premium nitrile disposable gloves are latex-free and convenient for general light cleaning
  • Includes: Janitorial cart (qty. 1), wet floor sign (qty. 1), mop bucket and wringer (qty. 1), broom and dustpan (qty. 1), trigger sprayer and bottle (qty. 2), size large p.f. nitrile disposable glove box (qty. 1), and size large 15 mil thick. nitrile flock-lined glove (qty. 1)


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14" x 10" x 31"


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